Makroteks Textil Ltd has been the leader in Turkey's higher quality home textile sector since the foundation in 1993. In the following years, Makroteks has expanded its production line with towels, bathrobes, fabrics, bed linen and hotel textile with the latest technology and its integrated departments of weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing, embroidery and packaging.

Makroteks' strategy is high quality, innovation, fast delivery and customer satisfaction. Our strategy is enhanced with continuous investments in new technologies, increasing capacity and expanding its production flexibility. At the same time, we are pursuing vertical and horizontal integration to enhance control over final quality of its products to optimize scales of production with lower costs. This strategy has enabled Makroteks to secure its profitability against economic turmoils and recessions.

We seek distinctive challenging business, encourage entrepreneurial management and realize outstanding results. MAKROTEKS is committed to address environmental issues within the factory and processing with awareness of environmental respect is the respect to people. Therefore we are making production under the control of Oeko-Tex. We have also ISO9001 certificates. More importantly, we invest in people and protect our worker's rights in full accordance with law. Our company is audited periodically by SEDEX.

Makroteks Tekstil has established a new company in America at the end of 2010 to supply locally as well under the name of MAKROTEKS TEXTILE L.L.C. We produce both our own designs and customer's designs. Sell them from warehouse in NJ and directly from Turkey, depends on the business deal and agreement.


We consider our clients as our friends and business partners so we are inviting to Makroteks.

Our Strategy and Social Responsibility

Our strategy is simple; seek distinctive challenging business, encourage entrepreneurial management and realize outsiding results...



MAKROTEKS is commited to constantly address environmental issues within the factory and processing. We are aware that respect to human being.


Our city:Denizli is glamorous textiles city thanks to its 4.000 years history in textiles and prominent place that the ancient cities of Laodikeia, Hierapolis and Colossae held in the production of fabricated textiles. Woven products, manufactured in the area for thousands of years, differ from other woven products with their quality and look.

Having prepared textiles for Sultans, the decoration of palaces and even for sailcloth, weavers in Denizli have succeeded in introducing Denizli fabric to the world. Moreover, having proven their success in trading,as well as in textile production, the cities of Laodikeia, Hierapolis and Colessae were introduced to the world as they exported their quality products globally.